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Additional thoughts about rain......and sheep

Posted by Lewis White on

Just when I said we were burning up from lack of rain.......we've begun to slowly slide into our usual burning sun--rain--can't breath from the humidity cycle.  For two or three days now we've been having pop-up thunderstorms.  Yesterday's storm was a real pip!  Front field was clean and 2 hours later we had this.  Good ol' Alabama twisty wind brought down most of the side of this oak.    Just thankful that none of the animals were out front when it happened.  The lambs were in the barn & the main herd in the big field.  The drafts, of course, were standing out in the barn lot enjoying the rain and the all too brief time without those voracious horse flies. 

Now for the latest sheep news.....  We haven't had lambs for.....geez, I don't know how many years.  So many family obligations, sickness and so much sadness that we.....well, we gave up.  I'll just put it out there because that's what it was until this summer.  Mrs. LB woke up one morning and announced that she needed to find her "happy" again.  Happy for her is all things 4-legged and/or creative.  She broke out the spinning wheel for the first time in 4 years.  The knitting needles came back out of the drawer.  I'll fast forward and just say that it led to us picking up the trio of ewe lambs in the last post. 

Now, as anyone with a love of sheep knows, the "Lays Potato Chip Principle" applies...and applies.....and applies.  Not too long after the ewe lambs, Mrs. LB found a sale ad for a ram lamb.  The deal was made and I was on the road to pick up "Bandit" ....and friend (now called Sheldon).  I think you can see the attraction to these little guys. Bandit is a Gotland cross and Sheldon a Teeswater cross.  Check out this fleece!   Yeah, you guess it.  Just got home from picking up two more ewe lambs.  Gotland-Coopworth crosses.    and the wool pic to drool over.....   We should have some interesting wool in the years to come as we out cross our remaining Bluefaced Leicester and CVM ewes.  In case you are wondering where these amazing animals came from......check out Dan-Vir Farm .  A lot of you already know Virginia McGuire from her years of work with Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair and the fleece show/sale. If you are looking for breeding stock, fiber or handspinning lawnmowers (aka wethers), give Virginia a call and get on her contact list now because this farm is doing it up right and her lambs sell fast!


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