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Preparing for Fall.....

Posted by Lewis White on

Fall is officially here and we haven't had rain in.....I don't remember.  What little ground we gained in rainfall we have lost twice over.  Way too early to start feeding hay but that's exactly what we are doing.  Problem is that hay is in very short supply locally and what is available is junk.  Mrs. LB has always argued that if you have to clean half the weight of the bale off the ground as waste, you didn't save any money buying those cheapo light weight bales.  Over the years I've heard that lecture many times (complete with dry erase board visual aids & hand outs).  "Buy quality with only about 2% waste and you save in the long run".  Fist to the hand for emphasis.  It's a hard concept for me to embrace since I'm male.  Males are genetically wired to buy anything that looks like a bargain.  That could be why we no longer go to auctions or flea markets.....well, that and all the non-functional but bargain priced drills and power saws that have accumulated in the shed. 

To all those entrepreneurs out there.....someone please design a flashlight for the small farmer.  It needs to be incredibly strong metal that can withstand being repeatedly dropped, stepped on by animals and driven over with small farm tractors.  Make it rechargeable because batteries are ridiculously expensive and you go through way too many of them in a year.  Make sure that the batteries will HOLD the charge 'cause that's a whole 'nother unnecessary irritation.  Next, make sure that the bulbs can be replaced and make the replacement bulbs available in every convenience store nationwide. No googling for hours and special ordering only to find they don't fit.  Lastly, farmers need intensity.  I mean spot light a deer intensity, wake the folks 5miles away intensity but put it in a handheld, clip on your belt size flashlight.  Oh, and affordably priced would be nice as well.  Anybody finds a flashlight that meets these requirements please drop me an email. 

Our May chicks have grown into gorgeous birds.  Being a proud parent I have to share some pics of the girls.  If you aren't into chicken photography, skip this paragraph.

(Crested Legbar) (Blue Copper Maran) (Easter Egger) (Dominique & Easter Egger) (Welsummer)

We found our first egg yesterday afternoon.  Looks like one of the Welsummer girls decided to start laying early (18wks).  Can't wait to see if some of the others were inspired to start their laying too.

Packaging for New York Sheep & Wool is progressing right on schedule.  Will have a couple of old favorites back in stock for NY & Saff.  Hopefully we will have enough left after the shows to add the products on the website but we'll see what happens.  If you are coming for dyed fiber, get there early.  Inventory in the Not-So-Solid products is limited.

I'll end this post with a picture of sheep.......ends.


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