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Winter 2016 is pretty much over.....such as it was.  Unseasonably warm with intermittent days of cold.  Sort of like riding a temperature roller coaster.  After the drought last year, we had hoped to be able to re-seed the pastures but the early spring temps haven't given us that opportunity.  Here's hoping that nature can repair itself and we have lush grass for the spring lambs. 

Winter was spent gathering eggs.  These silly birds of ours didn't realize they were supposed to slow down the egg production during winter.  Every month the egg tally has grown by 100.  (Not kidding about this)  24 hens laid 534 eggs last month!!!! We have given so many eggs to friends that we are now greeted with "Hello! We don't need any eggs".  Thankfully, the wonderful folks at the Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen agreed to take our extras. We can see the kitchen table again and those in need are getting a hot meal.  It's a win-win of the best possible variety.

For the first time last fall we tried our hand at making vinegar.  The pear trees came in heavy as did the local apples so we had plenty of fruit to use in the endeavor. The little rolling cart became the aging table for Apple cider vinegar, Pear vinegar and little jars of sauerkraut & kimchi.    Never thought I would eat kimchi but I have to say, with some Korean BBQ, that stuff is pretty good. 

Mrs. Littlebarn started spinning again this winter.  During the difficulties of the last few years, (caregiving during my Mother-in-law's illness) there wasn't time for anything other than grabbing a quick nap or a bite of something. It was good to see her reach for a spinning wheel again. Each turn of the wheel and inch of wool released to the bobbin brought back some normalcy and, I hope, us both a little closer to healing.

Stock of the Not-So-Solid colors is basically zero.  Still trying to get a machine part repaired and we have now been waiting 15months and counting. Frustrating doesn't begin to describe this situation.  We just keep hoping that we'll hear something soon.

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