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I Think I Missed Spring...

Posted by Lewis White on

I had every intention of keeping a more regular blog this year.  Yeah.....that didn't happen.  Somewhere around the last of April we lost our internet service and spent almost 6 weeks trying to resolve the issue.  Honestly, I've had dental surgery that was easier than trying to get technical support from a cable company.  4 service appointments that ended in "no shows", more calls than I can count, emails to corporate headquarters, completely re-cabling from the road and inside the house.  The problem?  We have a gate on our driveway.  Evidently, according to most utility services you are no longer allowed to have a gate on your own driveway because it is inconvenient for them to call you or keep an appointment.  They expect to come and go off your property whenever they please.  Strange times we are living in......strange times.

Pastures are abundant thanks to the copious amounts of rain we have had.  Sheep look good and the draft horses are feisty.  This is Tiny's  "let me out NOW" expression.  He's big but a total sweetheart. Just wish he didn't like to...uh, hose....the hallway of the barn.  The boy has a bladder the size of Texas. Lambing this year wasn't good at all.  If you had a list of complications that could possibly happen, we could have put a check mark by every one.  Dystocia....check.  Still born.....check, check.  Ended up with two absolutely gorgeous little ewe lambs.  Couldn't be happier with them.

    Dam is a natural colored Bluefaced Leicester and the sire 50% Gotland.  Wool is amazing (pale silver) and she is built like a little tank!    Our other ewe lamb is out of white parents with the dam Bluefaced Leicester and the sire is 75% Teeswater.  Definitely more "leggy" and slower growing.  As a shepherd, it is fascinating to watch the differences in build/growth rate and wool length/lustre between the Gotland & Teeswater crosses. 

Garden has been a mixed bag this year.  Tomatoes plants have formed a jungle.  We are picking tomatoes almost every day and using one of those light bulb grabbers to reach the back plants.   This photo was about a month ago and it's thicker now if you can believe it.  Bell peppers are doing pretty good but the squash was a total flop.  Finally have two little watermelons starting but it's way too early to tell if they will mature or rot.  And then there's Elmer....  Don't let that face fool you.  He's hit the teenage phase, which means that at least 50% of the time he doesn't know straight up from sideways. One day he'll mature and be absolutely brilliant.  Until then, we'll just hope whatever he's rolling in doesn't stink too much.  

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