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Fall Shows Part 2...

Posted by Lewis White on

Here's another pic of carded sliver destined for Rhinebeck. Sockables....90% dyed wool & 10% acrylic

  On the left, a blend of greens and on the right a blend of pinks & reds with a hint of purple. 

Now to share something from the "all things weird" category as a cautionary tale for anyone who reads it......Got an email the other day that was supposedly from a customer.  She had a lot of complaints running the full gamut from bad packaging, fiber that was (and I quote) "excrement" and a help desk that did not help and instead made fun of her complaints.  When I first read the email, I was concerned that something really bad had gone wrong with this transaction.  We never want someone to have a bad experience, even though it does happen sometimes.  Computer glitches, program glitches, and the ever blessed postal service work against small business more often than you can imagine.  You try but things can just go wrong.  Going back over the email and re-reading it, I realized that grammatically things weren't quite right.  Then, and yes it took that long, I said to myself.....we don't have a help desk other than me!  Lastly, I realized we didn't have a customer by that name.  Thankfully, I did not open the attached documentation regarding the transaction.  Yes, you guessed it......a trojan computer virus.   Everyone be careful because there are a lot of people out there with too much time on their hands that would rather profit from criminal behavior than make an honest dollar. 

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