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Fall Shows Part 4.....

Posted by Lewis White on

We have been celebrating a couple of "good" things lately.  First, Mrs LB's brother & his wife survived hurricanes Irma & Maria.  Yes, things are difficult but they are alive, together and still have most of a roof over their heads.  We would like to request everyone's continued prayers and support for all the island residents as they attempt to rebuild their lives. 

Secondly, we finally got a part for one of our machines.  One year & 10 mths wait but we are repaired, up and running.  Unfortunately, the part did not arrive in time for us to restock every color of our Not-so-solid-solids and Multis.  Wish we could have gotten more done but we have about half the colors back in stock.

Featured fiber of this blog.......Bluefaced Leicester blended with multi-color Angelina fiber.  BFL grown right here in Alabama carded with multiple colors of Angelina.  Very soft and easy drafting with just enough sparkle.


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