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Fall Shows Part 5....

Posted by Lewis White on

Time is getting short!  We are sorting & packing .....and packing and sorting.  It never fails you think you have a particular item grouped in one spot, congratulate yourself on the wonderful progress you are making and how much farther along you are this year compared to years past.  You smile, pat yourself on the back again and start to work on something else.  Then you open a bag or box thinking that it's item B and there it is....more of what you thought you finished. Of course it's packaged in the wrong size, not packaged at all or you printed the label with the decimal point in the wrong place.  To quote the movie Christmas Vacation...."Pass the Tylenol!"

Oh, and I'll mention this before I forget again.  We will have small spun skeins of our featured fibers at the shows so you can get a feel outside of the bag. 

Featured fiber for all time favorite of ours.  64's grade wool top blended with tussah silk. It's smooth, shiny and very easy to spin.   

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