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Hitting the Road....

Posted by Lewis White on

I wanted to sneak in one more post before climbing in the truck and heading North (and slightly East) towards Rhinebeck.  The weather has finally broken.  Hallelujah!  95 degrees in October was becoming a bit depressing.  Hard to get in the fall spirit of things with sweat in your eyes.  Thanks to a couple of hours work and some wonderful folks from TN, we have a barn full of beautiful hay and I'm breathing a sigh of relief.  Been trying for months to get the hay put up but between rain, dry off, and schedule issues it hasn't happened.  Mrs LB had begun to mutter things about "hay for Christmas dinner".  Point taken.  Thankfully the hay has already received the draft horse chomp of approval.  Since they are the pickiest two animals I have ever seen, their approval is no small feat.

Here's my last featured fiber.....well actually three fibers.  Alpaca blended with 64's grade wool.  The Alpaca came from Blue Heaven Alpacas in Ohio.  We have three colors of smooth, soft, easy drafting, carded sliver available: 

White Alpaca with white wool: 

Fawn Alpaca with white wool: This pic doesn't show the color well at all.  Thank you bad lighting!

Grey Alpaca with white wool:   One more pic just to give you an idea of the colors spun into sample skeins:

  Hope to see everyone at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival or at SAFF or both!!!!  For those that are traveling, please be safe.

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