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Posted by Lewis White on

Had wonderful weather at Rhinebeck.  Seemed a little warmer than normal to me but I may be wrong.  We are having a colder than normal snap down here and that may be throwing me off.  Show was good.  Wonderful to see everyone and thanks to all those that stopped by the booth.  Rushed home, caught a few ZZZZs, ran out for chicken feed and dog food and have been in a frenzy of repacking & restocking for SAFF in Asheville, N.C.  Our farrier visit is this afternoon and then I'll be hitting the road again.  Mrs LB started on the fall shearing while I was in NY (a task I do not envy and try to avoid when possible).  That could be the reason I have noticed her massaging her arm and giving me a lot of "side eye".  

Undyed products you'll find at SAFF this weekend: Romney, Wensleydale, Polwarth, 64's, Bluefaced Leicester, 100s Merino, Bluefaced Superwash, 100s Superwash.   NOTE:  We immediately noticed a difference in handle with this BFL superwash shipment.  It is noticeably thicker/heavier feeling.  Mrs LB was a bit concerned and spun an unwashed and washed sample.  The washed sample definitely feels like Bluefaced Leicester should so please don't panic like we did! 

See you at Saff....if you are headed that way please drive safely with the cell phone off because your life is more important than that call.

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